60 Artists in 60 Minutes with Bonnie Christine - Kirsten Katz

60 Artists in 60 Minutes with Bonnie Christine


I am thrilled that I was asked by Bonnie Christine to be part of her latest project - 60 x 60 where she asked 60 successful artists from around the world if they would share with us one way that they create income from their artwork … 60 artists in 60 seconds for 60 minutes!
The result is a video called 60x60, it’s a power hour filled with over a decade’s worth of wisdom, knowledge, and mic-drop moments from 60 incredible artists, illustrators, and surface pattern designers, of which I am extremely proud to be included.
During the 60 x 60 video 60 artists, illustrators, and pattern designers shared a way they create income from their artwork - in 60 bite-sized seconds each. Plus there an interactive directory which lists all of the artists, their bios, links, and free resources to have as you develop your career and learn more each artist.
Here is my video where I share my top 3 tips for artists and designers

You can watch the complete video here I hope that by hearing the secrets to success from these 60 artists will show you what’s possible when you follow your dreams and a creative career.

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