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New Quilt Fabric Collection


I am super excited to share with you the release of my 3rd quilt fabric collection for Spotlight.

This collection is called “Infloresence” and consists of 7 designs with two distinct styles. There are 3 designs with hand painted irises, lilies, pansies and orchids and ther are 4 designs with modern illustrated Rosella birds in amongst stylised Australian native flowers. The combination of styles makes for a really diverse collection and endless possibilities to mix and match.

The vibrant colour palette that I have used for these fabrics makes it easy to co-ordinate with each print and also be balanced out the the multi-colour geometric textural print.

Rosella Paradise

There are 2 designs in this collection with Australian Rosella birds set in amongst stylised proteas, banksias and other bush flora. When I was thinking of a name to call this fabric design I couldn’t go past the name Rosella Paradise, because they truely look like they are living in a wonderful garden paradise.

Rosella Paradise comes in 2 different sizes and also with two different colour backgrounds. All these designs are printed on 112 cm wide 100% cotton fabric. These fabrics are a great addition to quilting and patchwork projects, or for making items such as book bags, scrunchies, pencil cases, tote bags and other soft bags!

You can purchase these fabrics by the metre at Spotlight Stores throughout Australia or online via their website - just enter my name Kirsten Katz in the search bar and it will bring up my complete range of fabrics and bedding that is currently available.

They have been selling really fast and I cannot wait to see what everyone is sewing with this fabric collection. Please remember to attribute me as the designer of this fabric when you share your sewing projects online and so I can see all your sewing talent @kirstenkatzart #kirstenkatzart

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