Windowsill Chats Interview - Kirsten Katz

Windowsill Chats Interview

I can’t believe that I haven’t put a link or made a post about my Podcast Interview with Margo Tantau of Tantau Studio, on her inspiring Podcast Windowsill Chats!

Windowsill Chats is a podcast for artists and creatives who are curious about what it's like to live, work & walk a creative path.

I was thrilled and honored to have been invited to participate in Windowsill Chats, a creative podcast for artists and creatives. In this inspiring interview with Margo Tantau, we talk about the importance of staying true to your own artistic voice and pursuing creative work that truly resonates with you. We also discuss the role that art plays in my own life, from drawing and painting everyday subjects that light me up, to creating art that touches others and spreads positivity. Whether you are an artist yourself or simply someone who appreciates the power and beauty of creativity, I encourage you to tune in to this inspiring podcast and learn more about what it means to live, work, and walk a creative path.

Thank you, Margo, for this amazing opportunity!

You can listen to my interview Episode 55 where Margo and I talk about owning your authenticity, making art that lights you up and drawing what you love!

Some of the key takeaways are -

  • Authenticity and the importance of creating art that YOU like

  • Why you’re only as good as the last piece of art you made

  • Keeping a narrow focus and how it helps with confidence

  • Mixing mediums and trying new techniques

  • How she hones in on color combinations

  • Allowing intuition into the creative process

  • Why she doesn’t feel in alignment with commission pieces

  • And so much more!

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