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About the Artist

Kirsten Katz is an artist and surface pattern designer who creates beautiful, original art and timeless print designs that add beauty and color to home decor. Kirsten's mission is to create art and designs that will be loved for many years. Her original paintings, modern botanical art, and surface pattern designs have been licensed to other companies and brands, and today her art can be found on a variety of products including home décor, fabric, bedding, wallpaper, stationery, greeting cards, giftware, wall art and more.

The Story

From small beginnings, my passion for design has blossomed into a vibrant business creating beautiful homewares, designer fabrics and stylish products.

It may have started as a hobby, but my artistic interests evolved over the years into a creative business that now designs stunning fabrics, stationery, home decor and collaborates with other companies on unique products.

I have always been passionate about creating and artistic expression so it’s truly rewarding to see something start off from humble beginnings in your own home to become a successful business.

Brand Vision

I started this brand because painting was what I loved to do and it made me happy.

What makes me proudest however, isn't just seeing people enjoying my art; it's about knowing how much happiness it also brings to others.

It still gives me immense pleasure hearing how much appreciation people give for the art and the products I design and create.

As an artist, I'm driven to create a world of colour and possibility for others. Within the next few years, my vision is to bring more happiness into your home and to create fresh ways of decorating your space with vibrant décor pieces.

I am setting my sights high on some bigger goals, I would like to design a fashion collection with a range of inspired accessories.

I hope you’ll follow along with me as I dream up ideas to help make your world a little more colourful.

Artistic Inspiration

As an artist, I paint and create from a position of passion, each work of art and print design captures a part of me. My works are creative art explorations and expressions of my personality and vision of the natural world. The paintings and the products I make are created to celebrate the beauty of flowers and to bring joy to the world through the use of colour. My art embraces the diversity found in nature; the colours, the shapes, the textures and forms which interplay to create a visual feast that is filled with energy, emotion and soul. I specialise in painting original artworks and surface pattern designs that incorporate modern botanicals, birds and nature inspired themes.


I'm proud to have collaborated with some well-known brands, licensing my art and designing custom prints to feature on beautiful fabrics, bedding and home decor collections. Every brand collaboration has been an exciting challenge and a great opportunity to showcase my art and signature style.

  • Blue Banksia Bedding

  • Spring Flowers fabric Collection

  • Flowers of Oz Bedding

  • Cottage Garden Quilt Collection

  • Flowers of Oz Coverlet

  • Painted Garden Fabric Collection

  • Home Decor Fabric Collection

  • Viola Quilt

  • Home Decor Fabric Collection

  • Inflorescence Fabric Collection

  • Eden Garden Bedding

  • Rosella Paradise Minky Fabric

  • Azure Bedding

  • Painted Garden Fabric Collection

  • Rosella Towel Collection

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