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Design Trends & Colour Inspiration

Discovering art and design trends is an essential aspect of the creative process. Events like art exhibitions and trade shows give artists and designers the opportunity to connect with their peers, stay current with the industry, explore new styles and elevate their capabilities. I'm excited to share with you some of the exciting design trends and art exhibitions that I recently saw whilst I was in Melbourne. As an artist and designer, it's always fascinating to be up-to-date with the latest styles and art movements. So, let's dive in!

Flowers and birds have always been a timeless and popular source of inspiration for artists, designers, and home decorators. They add beauty, colour, and depth to any artwork or design. As an artist, I am particularly drawn to the exotic flowers native to Australia and tropical regions.

In terms of exotic flowers, proteas, waratahs, and Australian native flowers continue to dominate the art and design scene. Their unique beauty and bold presence make them statement pieces in any artwork or design. These flowers are timeless and will remain popular for years to come. However, other flowers are also making a comeback, such as hydrangeas, lilacs, lilies, and irises. The versatility and beauty of these flowers make them popular choices for artistic expression and interior decoration.

Now let's dive deep into the world of greens and blues and explore some of the most popular shades and themes that have emerged. Let's start with greens. From forest greens to tropical greens, this colour has been everywhere in recent years. Green is associated with nature, growth, and balance, making it a great choice for home decor and design. Whether it's bush leaves, jungle vines, or palm trees, there are plenty of foliage options to pair with your green colour palette.

For those who love the ocean, sea greens incorporating corals and seaweed serve as a great inspiration for designing a nautical-themed room. In fact, the use of greens in home decor is so popular that designers have even started to incorporate artificial plants and foliage into the mix. 
 Green and pink inspired home decor, flowers and birds

Birds, have a special place in many artists' and designers' hearts. The white cockatoo and Major Mitchell cockatoo are still going strong and are popular choices for paintings, illustrations, and patterns. Kookaburras and kingfishers are also making a comeback, adding a touch of Australiana to any artwork. Tropical birds, such as parrots, macaws, and even flamingos, are also trending. These birds add colour, vibrancy, and a sense of whimsy to any design.

Now onto blues. Blue is a timeless colour that pairs well with a variety of other hues and themes. Coastal blues and whites are still in high demand, with decorators incorporating shells, coral, and seaweed into their designs. Blue and white porcelain has long been a popular choice that remains in vogue, with its associations with the Ming Dynasty and other classical designs. In addition to the classic blue and white, there has also been a surge in the use of the hydrangea flower, which often comes in shades of blue. Finally, butterflies remain a popular design element, especially the blue morpho butterfly and Uylsses butterfly. 

Ultimately, the use of blue and green in design projects is all about creating a calming, natural environment that is both visually appealing and harmonious.

Blue and white inspired home decor, kookaburra and interior styling
Another trend that caught my attention was the use of patterns and prints. I think we can say that we are in an era where maximalism rules. Bold and loud prints that mix and layer are increasingly popular in fashion, home decor and art.

colourful image showing a flowwrs, gift wrap and glass vases with colours pink, blue, chartreusee
Are you looking to add some warm, vibrant, and sunny colors to your home decor? Look no further because some of the latest home decor trends are all about bright and cheerful colors. From corals and oranges to pops of chartreuse and turquoise, these colors can elevate any room in your home. 

Orange is a color adds warmth and energy to any room and pairs beautifully with yellows, burnt oranges, and browns. You can add pops of orange to your home decor through accent pieces, such as lamps, vases, or an orange-colored rug.

Chartreuse is another color that is making waves in home decor. This bright and vibrant color adds a playful touch to any space and pairs well with pinks, corals, and even blues. You can add chartreuse to your home decor through accent pieces, such as throw pillows, curtains, or even a statement lamp. If you're feeling bold, you can even paint a piece of furniture in a chartreuse shade.

Flowers, fabric and glass vases with orange, yellow, olive colours

Whether you're an artist, designer, home decorator, or surface pattern designer, it's crucial to stay relevant and continue to innovate. You never know what new trends you might discover, what new techniques you might learn, or even what new styles you might develop. Happy creating and decorating!

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